The Fund

Equity Portfolio

The equity portfolio contains equity securities of large (greater than $10 billion market capitalization), mid ($2 - $10 billion) and small (less than $2 billion) companies. The target is 75% large, 25% small cap and mid-cap with a range of +/-5%. The portfolio is diversified among 10 sectors that cover major areas of the US economy, as defined by Standard & Poor's. In addition to the 10 sector targets, the portfolio will be subject to a 20% foreign equity target. The portfolio will be diversified internationally through investment in ADR's and foreign equity mutual funds. The fund, when fully invested, will own shares in no fewer than 20 stocks in a minimum of 5 sectors.

Sector Weights
Each sector has been assigned a target weight. There will be a three-tier range:
i. underweight
ii. neutral
iii. overweight

A neutral weighting will be consistent with the allocation of the S&P 500. Underweight sectors will be lower than the particular benchmark, and overweight sectors will be higher. The maximum allowable weighting of any sector is 30%.