The Peggotty Investment Club manages a portion of the Connecticut College endowment through a student-run investment portfolio. Essentially the club members act as investment managers using a portion of the Connecticut College endowment as their capital. The club is entirely student run, and its members come from diverse backgrounds and various fields of study. Peggotty's purpose is to provide students with a forum to develop their interest in investments and financial analysis by giving them the opportunity to actively manage real capital. Peggotty also seeks to broaden awareness of investments within the Connecticut College community by sponsoring presentations by investment professionals to further enhance the educational experience of managing investments.

In addition the Peggotty Investment Club spends approximately 5% of the total assets in the Peggotty Investment Club portfolio on financial aid each year. The members consider the contribution to the college a unique feature of the Peggotty Investment Club, and we are proud to take an active role in providing many students with the opportunity to attend one of New England's finest Liberal Arts Colleges.

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